Print Design: Toni Liljengren, Healer

Flyer, Version 1 Flyer, Version 2

Client: Toni Liljengren, Healer and Esthetician

Message: Toni brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her work, having studied under well-respected and wise kahunas. She offers a wide variety of services. Her esthetician skills and her healing touch put people at ease, as shown by her glowing testimonials. The intent of the flyer is to attract clients on O’ahu, where she recently moved from Kauai.

Challenge: Having recently moved from Kauai to the more expensive and competitive island of O’ahu, Toni was looking for a design that’s eye-catching yet economical, to save on printing costs. She intended to print two flyers on each letter-sized page, to double her potential reach with the same resources. She had a large amount of information to fit in half a page, and two different versions of her logo that she wanted on her flyers.

Solution: To sum up Toni’s varied offerings, I wrote the heading “Health and Beauty for your Body, Mind & Spirit”. Toni’s logo is beautiful and contains deeply symbolic imagery, so it made sense at the top of the flyer. The entire layout is based on two golden spirals (see below), with the lower one rotated 180 degrees so they both flow together in an S-shape. By making the text flow along the golden spirals, I eliminated the need for heavy background colors and graphics which would consume a lot more ink. This layout makes the type itself a graphic element, resulting in a light design for the text-heavy flyer. I’ve had a massage session from Toni recently, and I can attest that the flyer design really captures her work and personality.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


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